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Unlock your potential with us

Our company specializes in consulting for private aircraft purchases, providing our clients with comprehensive advice and guidance throughout the entire process. From determining the right aircraft for their needs to negotiating prices and managing logistics, our team of experts is dedicated to helping our clients make the best investment for their personal or business travel needs. We understand that purchasing a private aircraft can be a complex and overwhelming process, which is why we strive to simplify it and make it an enjoyable experience for our clients. Our motto is "Elevate Your Travel Experience", as we aim to provide our clients with the ultimate level of luxury, convenience, and efficiency in their air travel.



In 2015, Diego Rengifo and Cristian Londono founded Air Commander Aerospace LLC,  with a clear mission: to deliver the best quality and timely service in the industry.


We knew that to achieve this goal, we had to leverage our extensive network of partners and suppliers to offer our clients unparalleled access to the products and services they needed. We focused on sales, and as we began to build our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner, our customer base grew rapidly.


Our commitment to quality and timely service soon became our hallmark, and we became known as the go-to company for clients who demanded the very best. Today, our network has expanded even further, and we continue to build on our success by delivering exceptional service and value to our clients.

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