Marketing Your Aircraft

At Air Commander Aerospace, we maximize the return on the sale of your aircraft by delivering optimized information with cutting-edge marketing strategies.
We make your aircraft more attractive and easier to sell by providing comprehensive information, high resolution pictures, extensive specifications, detailed performance, operating cost analysis, immediate offer capabilities, and financing options.
When you list an aircraft with us, the availability and details of your aircraft are quickly and widely known on the marketplace. We enable clients to make better decisions by providing them with total market awareness of all competing aircraft, including full specifications and photos for comparative purposes. In addition, we regularly contact aircraft owners who wish to buy using research calls, monthly broadcast emails, pilots, and through associate aviation companies. 

Global Marketing:
When you list with Air Commander Aerospace, you benefit from:
Multi-listing Databases with all other Brokers/Dealers via Amstat & JetNet
Professional Presentation of Exclusive Aircraft via Print, Internet and Email
The Industry’s Best Search Engine Placement
Enhanced Digital Photography
Exclusive Aircraft Listed on Major Aircraft Sales Websites
Monthly Broadcast Emails to Aircraft Owners, Pilots, Operators, and Maintenance Professionals in the Industry
Full Page Print Magazine Advertisements in the Best Publications

Your Choice Matters:
With millions at stake, one lost deal or bad decision could be detrimental to the sale of your aircraft. As seasoned experts, we maximize your time and resources while minimizing expenses and enable you to stay focused on your business. We pride ourselves on knowing who is buying or selling aircraft and knowing exact sale prices; financial institutions regularly consult with us for market value updates. Taking into account every detail of your transaction, you can count on us to represent your best interests.

Marketing Tools:
E-BROADCAST: E-Broadcasts of your aircraft are sent out monthly to approximately 60,000 brokers, dealers, FBO’s, aircraft owners, maintenance facilities as well as anyone that has inquired about a similar aircraft.

Aircraft Spec Sheet:
Spec sheets are used to represent your aircraft and contain every possible piece of information that is pertinent to the sale of your aircraft. Its format is deliberately set up to be quick and easy to read.

Email Blast:
Sent out weekly to approximately 100,000 different contacts worldwide.

We attend aviation conventions around the world in order to stay up to date with the latest aviation technology.   Some of the conventions we attend are the Hai Heli Expo, NBAA Business Aviation Convention, and the Labace Conference.