Avantgarde by Kamal transformation - EC130 B4

Avantgarde by Kamal is a very exclusive State-of-Art aircraft customization provided by Air Commander Aerospace.

Avantgarde brings what is most modern and current in the scene of aircraft customization and personalization.

With years of experience Kamal, owner and designer collects a huge list of customized aircraft ( which you can see in our inventory, Here ) and very satisfied customers.

Avantgarde meaning by the Cambridge dictionary:

noun /ˌɑvˌɑntˈɡɑrd, ˌævˌɔ̃ˈɡɑrd/

"the artists, writers, and musicians whose ideas, styles, and methods are highly original or modern in the period in which they live"


As a helicopter frequent flyer I can say that it's a privilege to have the opportunity to fly an Avantgarde by Kamal helicopter.


#Helicopter #EC130B4 #AvantgardeByKamal

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