Air Commander Aerospace celebrates participation in Vegas

Las Vegas, NV - As HAI HELI-EXPO 2018 came to a close, the helicopter industry could reflect on a very positive trade show. Attendance was a strong 17,312. Seven hundred five exhibiting companies filled 320,500 net square feet of exhibit space. The show floor included 51 aircraft on display.

Many attendees took advantage of HAI's education program at HAI HELI-EXPO 2018: 2,638 attendees took advantage of the HFI Rotor Safety Challenge, the free safety education sessions sponsored by CHC. Another 807 attendees attended HAI's Professional Education courses; celebrated the organization of the event.

For the CEO and Founder of Air Commander Aerospace Capt. Kamal El-Nashar this exposition is preponderant for the helicopter professionals. "It was tremendously important to meet our suppliers and customers on HAI Heli-Expo 2018. We have the mission to show our aviation friends what's best in the helicopter industry and we do so by generating real-time content on social networks. This is how we make a difference, this is a way to show our customers our quality and tradition in aviation.” says Capt. Kamal.


As Heli-Expo draws to a close, the Las Vegas experience for the H160 is about to take off as the aircraft is set to perform a North American demo tour starting in Las Vegas. The second H160 prototype will offer customers its unique flight experience on March 2 - 3 from North Las Vegas airport.

“We’re excited to be embarking on this cross-country tour which will give us the opportunity to share the H160 experience with customers and helicopter enthusiasts alike” said Olivier Gensse, the H160’s flight test pilot. “The H160 has been designed with 68 patents which make it quieter and more comfortable to fly in and more intuitive to pilot, especially with Helionix’s built-in flight envelope protection” he added.

The H160 will undertake a ferry flight to Airbus Helicopters facilities in Grand Prairie to initiate FAA certification testing before welcoming customers to the Dallas area for flight demos between March 14 – 16.

The H160 will then be showcased in Houston from March 20 to 22 to Oil & Gas customers and end users, a key segment in which the H160 will provide unrivalled safety, comfort and competitiveness in passenger transportation. Customers will notably be able to appreciate its multiple advantages such as its compact D-value, its exceptional visibility for both pilots and passengers with the largest push-out windows in the industry, and its smartly designed accessibility for easier maintenance, not to mention the optimized maintenance plan that allows pilots to be autonomous for 50 flight hours. Customers will also be able to see how digital tools such as Fleet Keeper can be an advantage to their operations.

The H160 will remain in the United States until July to finalize its hot and high testing near Denver, Colorado before heading back to France to join the other two prototypes in certification and maturity-oriented testing.

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