Air Commander Aerospace demo flight of the AIRBUS H160

( Grand Prairie, Texas ) The flight took place in Grand Prairie, Texas, on Wednesday (14); with Captain Kamal El-Nashar who is an entrepreneur and CEO of the exclusive aircraft sales company, Air Commander Aerospace, headquartered at the Hollywood International Airport in Fort Lauderdale. The H160 is an Airbus helicopter recently launched with its assembly line in three countries: Germany, Spain and France. What impresses about this launch is the technology that interacts accurately in all flight commands; being able to take off and land with just two clicks. During the flight, captain Kamal accompanied by Airbus test pilot from France, Olivier Gensse; performed several maneuvers that proved the H160's reaction capacity in adverse conditions such as the loss of one of the engines, automatic landing, corrections of eventual losses in a turn and in addition the operation of the modern autopilot designed for night navigation.

"This without a doubt was one of the best helicopters I've ever flown. We can say that the H160 is an extremely safe and above all intelligent aircraft. I am absolutely sure that this machine will conquer the market and we at Air Commander Aerospace will be working together with Airbus to sell the H160. This is the kind of avant-garde products that our customers look for on a daily basis."commented Kamal after a meeting with Airbus Helicopters president Chris Emerson. During the meeting both executives addressed strategies for sales, marketing and executive aviation business between AIRBUS and Air Commander Aerospace. "At the moment, we can not reveal what lies ahead, but we guarantee that our market only has to gain from this upward movement in aviation." "concluded Commander Kamal. The flight with the H160 that lasted 42 minutes took off from Grand Praire Airport where Airbus headquarters is located. During the demo flight the new Airbus machine reached 150 knots with its two Safran Arrano engines. The fuselage of this new helicopter draws attention to the aerodynamics with protected rotor tail with the capacity to carry up to 12 passengers depending on the configuration requested by the customer.

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