“We aim to understand the global market and to put ourselves on our customer's shoes"

Dear clients,

The year 2017 was marked by important shiftings in the executive aviation market around the world. The United States has perfectly absorbed the new American government; where actions to nourish the economy were important to generate a new environment in the financial market. One of those was the new tax reduction policy for US companies that positively impacted our aviation market. With that we are confident that 2018 will keep bringing investors and opportunities. We saw a proof of that in the beginning of this year when we saw an increase of about 300 thousand new jobs opportunities in February alone. It is important to emphasize that the executive aviation business is closely related to the general economy and therefore we are always following carefully all these policies that aim to protect and encourage business relationships.

Brazil is already a country in our aim as an important environment for the business of executive aviation; although facing a period of unstable economy in recent years, now it is going through a period of slight recovery and we will wait and hope for new investments as it is an election year. We faithfully believe that 2019 will be a promising year not only for Brazil but for much of South America. Air Commander has the attention to all these market movements and as a global company we seek every day to understand the reality of our clients and to offer tangible and unique solutions. This optimism at Air Commander is also evident with the aircraft solid manufacturers around the world launching new products in our segment; in a clear sign that the economy as a whole is confident and growing. Captain Kamal El-Nashar CEO - Air Commander Aerospace

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