Bell’s Impact in Canada Continues to Grow

Whether it is delivering one of more than 5,200 commercial aircraft worldwide or administering 5,000 COVID-19 vaccines locally, Bell Textron Canada continues to directly impact the industries, businesses and people of Canada. And this steadfast support of the home nation at Bell’s Commercial Assembly and Delivery Centre can be summarized in one rally cry: “Buy Canadian.”

According to Marc Bigaouette, director of CH-146 Optimized Weapons Systems Support, who was quoted recently in Canadian Defence Review, Bell’s Canadian-centered strategy is paying off for the vibrant country.

“At Bell Textron Canada, ‘Buy Canadian’ isn’t just a slogan. The company, which partners with as many as 550 Canadian industry subcontractors, puts its money where its mouth is. We give as much work as we can to them,” says Bigaouette. “This creates a virtuous circle. The money we spend gets reinvested in Canada, which in turn generates more economic activity.”

In the country, opportunities for aerospace growth are vast, with Bell spearheading various military and technology programs. For example, Bell’s teams are currently preparing to support the CH-146 Griffon aircraft update. Known as the “Swiss Army knife of the Royal Canadian Air Force,” the versatile aircraft continues to showcase its military mission agility.

“Our job is to make sure that when they get the call, the aircraft will be ready,” Bigaouette, told CDR. When Bell’s teams aren’t supporting the Griffon line or an array of global customers with commercial helicopters, they are moving a long-standing legacy of vertical lift innovation into a new age of electric aircraft with Bell’s Electrically Distributed Anti-Torque (EDAT) and Autonomous Pod Transport (APT).

While the company’s roots are in Fort Worth, Texas, Bell’s Canadian presence plays a vital role in its global enterprise. And Bell Textron Canada President Steeve Lavoie agrees.

“It’s a good fit for both countries, which provides us with significant flexibility,’” Lavoie told CDR. “This includes the ability to showcase a broader range of aircraft such as Textron’s innovative vertical lift offerings, which have seen significant development during the past year.”

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